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We Don’t need NUCLEAR in Australia, as we have soooo many great alternatives… We have PLENTY of NATURAL GAS RESERVES (low carbon) plenty of SUNSHINE for SOLAR… plenty of WIND … plenty of WAVES… plenty of HYDRO… plenty of BIOGAS reserves.. and plenty of GEOTHERMAL….and we currently have and OVER-SUPPLY of ELECTRICITY in some states… and finally it would be FAR TOO EXPENSIVE AND SLOW TO BUILD….(DECADES AND BILLIONS OF $$$))

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True we have lots of options True we have lots of options True we have lots of options True we have lots of options -Zavad (6.5) Zavad (6.5)

But if we want to seriously reduce emissions, it is hard to do it without nuclear. Gas is lower emissions than coal but still not low. Nuclear is comparable to renewables and even lower in some instances - plus it is 24/7/365 available baseload. But unlike other countries yes, Australia has plenty of options. We should build a competitive energy system with as low emissions as possible. And we should encourage safe and responsible uranium mining development in Australia to assist economic and low emissions energy development in merging economies.

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